Economist, Strategist & Facilitator, South Africa.

"Erich is exceptional in his ability to unearth that which is buried deep within.

As I reflect on my journey with Erich, I am amazed at what I have achieved with his gentle (and sometimes out of necessity not so gentle) nudges and stoic support. Some achievements are so seemingly simple, yet the cumulative impact on my personal growth and development is significant.

I am passionate about developing people, yet I took little time to develop myself. This had resulted in strained personal and professional relationships.

With Erich’s assistance I have moved from a place of surviving each deadline-driven day, to living life with great intention, rather than great expectations. I am naming, shaming and reframing underlying beliefs that have been detrimental to my development. I am learning to celebrate achievements of milestones, whether monumental or marginal. I have reignited my sense of creativity and adventure that I intentionally infuse into every aspect of my life.

Not only do I glean great value from every session, but also Erich’s ability to articulate profound pearls of wisdom through the written word has been the source of incredible inspiration. I look forward to each of his articles in eager anticipation of what awaits within.

However, Erich’s most admirable and endearing characteristic is his genuine care and concern for his clients. I have no doubt that he is always in my corner; cheering for me when I achieve and encouraging me to do so when I miss the determined mark.

Erich is a gifted catalyst; without whom I would not have dared to dream big and better yet, begin to live my dreams."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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