"The Coachman has made a massive difference in my life. Erich made everything clear and easy to understand from the start. The modules were excellent and helped me put things into perspective. The encouragement I received from Erich was phenomenal and the motivational messages made sure I stayed focused on my goals. The Coachman taught me to celebrate my wins!!!! and to believe there is more than one way to win. Going through the Coaching process has made me belive that I have the power to write my own story. Preparation has been a key in my success and this is one of the many tools I received from The Coachman. Living like a WINNER has had a massive positive effect on my spitual life, family life, business life and personal life. Having Erich as a coach has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for his help."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

+27 86 625 1880
+27 82 323 3362
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