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"Right after my first appointment at “Coffee with The Coachman” – an acquaintance I bumped into asked me: “So, how was your meeting with The Coachman?” – to which I replied: “Fantastic, it was just what I needed right now!” – he continued to probe….”So, what’s the difference between seeing a Psychologist and a Coach?”

My answer, the same today as on that day. A coach a) Helps you identify your goals b) Brings the best out of you c) Always brings perspective into the picture d) Keeps you focused on the goal!

I will never forget that first session. I came with my machine gun loaded, I knew I only had 20 min or so and I had one burning question: How do I get perspective when I am surrounded by looming FACTS, when FINANCES are certainly not blooming but I have the FAITH to risk everything!! The Coachman drew the answer out of me, one of my favourite picture perspectives: Get out of the game and remember the dream!!

A pattern emerged after each session with the Coachman, he’d say: You see….you know what to do! Some of us just need an unbiased mediator or ‘go between’ our own thoughts; actually we are often looking for someone to say: Hey you can do it! Or hey you haven’t done anything wrong! We all need believers! Mostly we need to believe in ourselves our abilities and strengths and make adjustments when necessary.

From the start, having been coached once before, I knew the golden coach rule – A coach is not there to solve your problems! A coach brings you to a place where, by looking from a fresh perspective and drawing from your natural strengths, you are able to see and believe in yourself and your abilities.

It always fascinated me from school days that the top achievers are the Sporty, Healthy and Academic achievers as well! If only we could learn at a young age the importance of healthy discipline at a young age. It’s never too late to right the wrongs, another great lesson I learned: Baby steps! But keep going forward! If you have to stop, to take a breather or re-evaluate or take stock, that’s okay but then get up and keep going Forward, even if it is by FAITH. That’s how the Israelites got across the river, they had to take the first step forward, and then the waters parted. I’m doing the best I can, I know I need a miracle but I’m keeping my eye on the Dream and the Vision."
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