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"When one of your good friends is a life coach, a whole new set of dynamics come into play with the potential to hijack the process of being coached by him. However, Erich’s professionalism completely outshone any concerns I might have had. What a life changing and brain calming experience it turned out to be!

It has been an honour to be coached by such a dedicated, learned and complete professional. If you have already been coached by him then I am preaching to the converted. If you haven’t, and are ready, willing and able, don’t hesitate. Every one of us needs a coach. This is why the best sportspeople and businesspeople in the world are where they are. If you have performance issues, you need a coach. Yes, you will find it challenging at times but no change comes easily. Very soon I was able to appreciate the real benefits and value of the process.

Many of us think we are bullet proof until something comes at us from left field, something hiding in our subconscious decides to sabotage us, creating added stress and dissonance. This was the case for me. Erich’s insightful and application of the coaching process helped me create structure for my day. It allowed me to give the proper attention to my business and personal life. More than that, the ability to clearly see things for what they are and engaging them on purpose has been life changing. To look forward to each day - especially workdays - is a great experience which I am enjoying."
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East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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