Chief Executive Officer, Jemimas Hospitality.

"For years I've lived my life at full speed, going wherever the next distraction took me, never really achieving contentment outside of my relationship with the Lord and my wife. I made the decision, rather reluctantly, to employ a coach to see if this might help, as my appetite for more and more opportunities eventually set me spinning into chaos.

I’ve always been purpose driven, but being severely ADD, my journey up till this point had been very disruptive, not being able to say NO to anything I saw as an opportunity. My business life was unfocused as I was involved in over ten different businesses all requiring my attention and I found myself distracted and unable to focus and understand what I needed to do. In addition to being a devoted husband and father to five kids, aged four to twenty I was involved in almost full time ministry in our fellowship which required an incredible amount of time and energy. Wanting to be available for everyone, meant I was being pulled from pillar to post at great expense to my own peace of mind. I was further suffering from poor sleep, which started to take its toll on me, leading to the discovery that I had sleep apnea that I'd ignored for years. This all contributed to an inability to make the best choices, which, aggravated by exhaustion meant I was most certainly not making the progress I wanted to in my life.

I am grateful to Erich for bringing me to the place of self awareness within a few sessions. Soon I realised that my life was being lived in total contradiction to my values and that immediate change was required to take back control of and live a purposeful life in alignment with my values and beliefs. My journey with Erich brought me to an awesome place where I could see a calm horizon in the midst of any storm. By setting my values in order, my priority shifted to the point where I could take care of what really mattered in my life. I have discovered the joy of being in the driver's seat of my life and my wife and family are the delighted that I have been able to calm my journey down to a wonderfully relaxing trip with time to explore the important things along the way.

Hats off to Erich as I’m now living the way I’ve always wanted to. My life is balanced with clear understanding and my time is prioritised to do what really counts. I unequivocally recommend Erich to anyone wanting to take care of themselves and start living their life on purpose. Restoring balance and setting priorities has enabled me to be the best person I can be, driven by my core values. Understanding what I need to do daily has certainly brought peace and calm to my and my family's life."
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