Engineer & Training Manager

"Looking back at what we endured during the Covid19 pandemic will certainly be something we will remember for years to come. The lessons learnt and experiences endured shall surely be recalled to our children and grandchildren.

Answering my own calling to become a coach, to help people realise their potential, I recognised that I needed to begin with quality time spent on myself, reflecting on what was truly important and valuable to me, as the Covid period had disrupted much of my thinking and underlying beliefs.

Although I knew most of the answers to the questions I’d been asking, I somehow felt I was missing something. I needed a different perspective in order to get fresh focus on my values and goals and that the only way to do this was by working with a coach.

Through the coaching world, family and friends, I came into contact with Erich Jordan, The Coachman and asked if he could coach me, help me to unpack my fears, ideas and dreams. Erich masterfully assisted me to rediscover who I was, how my story had shaped me and how it was influencing my views. Through his coaching, I recognised that I often and unknowingly create a wrong or misguided perspective for who I really am.

Thank you Erich for being a trusted coach, asking the tough questions and helping me think. Together we uncovered the gems that have allowed me to become the best I can be with what I’ve been given by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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