"Having returned to my hometown after a season of intensive consultancy work in a big city, I suddenly felt directionless. It seemed that whatever directions I had previously taken did not achieve lasting "new territory" results. I felt that something about how I was approaching life needed adjustment. After being recommended by a friend to contact "The Coachman", I thought, why not! I definitely could do with some type of input, I was going around in circles. I signed up for 8 sessions.

It was an adjustment to realise what life-coaching was all about. The principle is that the client has all the required answers already inside of them to move forwards into new territory; these answers just remain hidden behind some blockages within ones own thinking process. Yes indeed! After defining my identity & dreams the life coach & I began to gather observations, ramifications & finally realisations.. All sourced by my own head! unpacked using life coaching methodology.

A number of actions were selected by myself for implementation, to which I was held accountable each week, from session to session. This process itself unearthed which approaches worked, & those that didn't. As an end result I was able to successfully see where I had misunderstood myself. I'll spare you the result, suffice to say that it was a significant breakthrough! Life feels so much easier, as I'm now working with my natural inclinations & not against them. I'd highly recommend a professional life coach to anyone that simply feels "stuck" and can't figure out why."
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East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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