"Serendipity. An unexpected, happy surprise. I embarked with Erich Jordan, The Coachman, on 12 sessions with the expectation of honing my business skills and improving on the way I manage my company. I have since learnt to replace ‘expectation’ with ‘intent’ and what ensued was an amazing journey of self-discovery, of unearthing talents and abilities that were lying dormant beneath 50-odd summers and of reframing the life I had received and lived: the central theme being that one is capable of choosing how you perceive and respond.

The sessions were filled with nuggets of wisdom, delightful moments of humour and the peace of knowing that this is a safe and confidential environment where I could lay bare my soul and, through Erich’s extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced guidance, find my answers.

Enrolling with The Coachman has without a doubt been one of the best investments I have ever made into myself and I have emerged empowered, more confident and enthusiastic not only about my career and business, but also about myself and how I impact upon my loved ones and the community."
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