South Africa.

"I feel it would be a travesty not to put into words the ENORMOUS value coaching has been for me. One of my concerns when starting was that I would be pushed beyond what I felt comfortable with. Instead, I soon discovered that I could progress at my own pace. I have honestly ENJOYED every session we have had together and not once have I come away feeling disappointed. Rather, I feel more hopeful, a little bolder and more excited after each session.

I started going to Erich as I felt I could get so much more out of life. I was plodding along in “autopilot” and had become extremely frustrated. I’ve become more conscious of how and why I think the way I do, my mind having been opened to alternative ways of thinking, which has in turn brought greater effectiveness and satisfaction to my life.

It has, at times, been a stretch but NEVER too much. It’s been great when venturing into the unknown, to have my coach in the wings, helping with insight as I journey along.

The process has enabled me, more clearly to identify my desires and passions. It has also allowed me to recognize patterns and habits that have kept me from fulfilling these desires. When ‘giants’ have glared at me, Erich has helped me resize them to the ‘dwarfs’ they really are. I have set structures in place to help me achieves things previously intimidating.

NO goal, I have learnt, is too mdall or big. When I’ve not reached the goals I’ve set myself, with determination, kindness and encouragement Erich has helped me identify why this is.

At no time has he ever offered to solve my problems, but has instead encouraged me to find my own solutions and methods that suite me best. This has given me the confidence to set ever bigger goals that no longer seem that overwhelming. It has replaced my personal frustration with a new attitude of ‘WHY NOT??”

On a personal level, I have SO enjoyed Erich’s company and feel like I am sitting with a warm hearted friend, rather than a professional coach. Thanks, Erich, from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to many more productive sessions with you."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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