Camdary, Canada.

"I have been a slave to my emotions all my life. I react, rather than respond. Impulsive, I love easily, deeply and become way too attached to people. Consequently, when kicked in the teeth I am devastated and sink into a well from which I find it extremely hard to climb out of.

It was in this well of despair that Erich found me. The sky was there, at the top of the well I just could not seem to get to it. It also looked extremely mdall from the bottom. I would try to climb out of the well and reach the sky, I simply could not. As you can imagine, for obvious reasons, this type of behavior and response does not work very well in the workplace. One simply cannot take things so personally, otherwise one would surely crumble. One did crumble, and in a rather spectacular fashion actually.

Erich has always been an exceptional friend, however this was more than a friendship, and we simply did not sit down and commiserate over a cup of hot tea. Agreements were signed and the lines were drawn, “come hell or high water”, I was coming out of the well.

Our arrangement was: 6am Canadian Mountain time every Wednesday morning for the next 12 weeks. The plan was: I would wake at 5am, shower, dress, drink breakfast. 6am I would be on Skype with Erich for our weekly session and then rush out the door at 7am to make my commute to work.

My friend became my life coach. Every week he found a way to prod me and guide me into discovering a rung to build my ladder. Some of it was difficult for me. Honesty, facing the truth within is not always easy. Slowly but surely I began to climb out of the well. With each rung the sky’s light at the top of the well became bigger. With each rung I found treasure within that gave me the strength to continue. A slip did not necessarily mean I would fall to the bottom again. I discovered that I had made measurable progress and had a toolbox full of skills to help me along the way. I had goals and maps, working tools in my box to help me on my journey.

Twelve weeks passed all too quickly. From where I sit now the sky looks broad and beautiful, even the clouds are in perspective and there is way, way more blue sky than grey. My heart is full of gratitude and respect for my friend and life coach. Hats off to you Coachman!"
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