Engineer & Businessman.

"As Rome was not built in a day so sustainable results are the fruit of process. No one knows the intricate details of the processes that define my journey better than I do. Thank you Coachman for an amazing voyage of self-discovery and for blessing me with a toolbox of strategies and focus to plot a course towards new, exiting horizons.

Although I did not start my coaching sessions with a clear priority list, or expectations regarding the outcome of my journey, things quickly gotmomentum as we started charting my current location and possible future destinations.

Erich's dedication to the Coach Approach provided the rhythm and structure to effectively highlight and workshop some critical blind spots that limited my effectiveness as leader of a mdall consulting business, father and husband. Each session had clear objectives and was concluded with homework and clear goals to be achieved before our next meeting.

I was truly blessed with the diverse range of toolkits and assignments that Erich used to illustrate and drive home concepts that were discussed during our sessions. His insightful questions and attention to the details that defines the typical day to day challenges that I face, assisted me greatly to get to the crux of matters than require attention.

I'm forever thankful for the exposure to the Coach Approach where intention is the momentum and driving force behind a commitment to action.

Reflecting on my journey with the Coachman is cause for much celebration!"
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of South Africa.

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