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"Have you ever found yourself sucked into a vortex of mere existence which yields zero joy or purpose?

This is where we were. Married for 13 years, owning our own business, running a family of three kids and having endured some of the hardest blows life could deal us, both in our personal l and our business lives. Every day became a pointless journey- where we were both navigating ourselves in circles with no real direction. For both of us, we finally found ourselves in a pit of misery, self-destruction, making one bad decision after the other- Eventually this led us to the point that we decided that our marriage was over –it was time to throw in the Towel and walk away in pursuit of happiness. It was time for our two year hell to end and for us to move on without each other. This was when I had a conversation with an old friend and mentor, Erich, who suggested his Life Coaching Services.

Our intentions started off that Erich was going to assist us dissolve our marriage in the most amicable and constructive way possible. Little did we both know that following Erich’s life coaching process, we would slowly start thinking differently. This new way of thinking prompted us to pursue actions which were not innate. It was through the process of understanding the power of our own thoughts, coupled together with the concept that you can achieve anything you want to achieve, that all of a sudden we started finding direction and seeing massive results. 8 sessions later and we found ourselves on the complete opposite side of divorce.

Erich’s life coaching process had a profound impact on our lives- what we achieved in a short period we had not achieved in two years of counselling. For us, it became apparent that we needed to stop focusing on what we were feeling and needed to start focusing on taking intentional action. Erich became a lighthouse for us both, guiding us through our own belief systems – The coaching process forced me to dissect a lot of my own beliefs and values which were holding me back from a purpose driven life. I now intentionally choose my thoughts and what dominates my time and energy- making sure that I don’t sacrifice what I want most for something that only yields instant gratification which is accompanied by long reaching destructive consequences.

I am sure that there will be times in the future where I will need to consult with Erich- but for the most of it, my outlook and way of doing things have been drastically altered and the result is that I have found a great amount of happiness, purpose, self-honor and value for my own life. I have recommended Erich to friends and will continue to recommend The Coachman- there is great value in the service he offers- it will change your life for the best."
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