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"My journey with Erich started after events lead me to download his book “Living Life on Purpose”. After reading the book I set up an appointment to see if I would benefit from life coaching. I re-member Erich asking me what brought me to him and to which I answered: “I downloaded your book” – His responds: “So what makes this time different to the time you downloaded it in 2014?” You see this time was different - I needed a purpose, I needed something more in my life. I was in such a rut, there had to be more to life. Don’t get me wrong, home life was fine, work was fine but something was missing. I needed a vision because as the bible verse goes: ”Without a vision the people perish”.

At our first session Erich asked me what I wanted to achieve from these sessions, what my goal was. I remember saying “My goal is to have a goal” and so my journey began.

Erich opened up conversations (as only he knows how) that taught me so much about myself. We dealt with things like, rejection, anxiety, learning to say NO and so many other valuable lessons. He taught me how to create silver bullets (coping skills) to deal with these situations and situations that might arise in the future. I learnt that perception is not always truth, looking at things from different angles, thinking outside the box. Another lesson was how to reflect on the positives things that happened every day. I really had to re-train my brain to look at the good. In business he taught me how to unpack and repack situations and decisions, taking into consideration my value system and how if you use this as your guideline you can make decisions that don’t conflict with your inner self.

I made some big decisions because of this life changing experience and am truly grateful for the Godly wisdom Erich imparted. As a Christian it was refreshing to talk to someone who understood what I stand for and challenged me to be all God created me to be. I am still a work in progress but can honestly say that I now have goals that I am working towards. I have a purpose and am cur-rently working on my vision of where I would like to be in the future, God willing. I am grateful for the experience and would highly recommend it."
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