"I can confidently say that Erich is one of the most interesting and thought provoking people I’ve ever met. He is a well-pool of knowledge and vision. Someone to help you identify your core values and live a life true to yourself.

He has shown me how to re-think the world, how to avoid getting frustrated with the constant chaos that threatens to overwhelm us, to ask the right questions and how to re-work the mental pathways I’ve unknowingly been creating and reinforcing my whole life.

I have completed eight sessions with Erich, in which time I have seen great improvement in my EQ. I've created tools to control anger, motivation and stress. As successful as this has been, I will be back for further sessions as I feel every time I meet with Erich I come away a better person with a clearer understanding of life.

We have discussed many concepts and philosophies, many which were foreign to me at first. The more I embrace these however, the easier my life has become. It feels my mind has defogged and for the first time I am able to focus on what matters.

I still have a long way to go, but the first steps have been taken and I’m grateful to Erich for showing me the way.

I can unequivocally recommend Erich to absolutely anyone and everyone wanting to make a change in their life. Once you decide enough is enough, Erich will show how to make strides in the right direction."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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