London, United Kingdom.

"When I came to Erich several months ago, I was filled with guilt, shame, condemnation and false doctrines just to mention a few things. All of which were fuelled by a 20 year addiction to alcohol, along with a past filled with lies, hurt and guilt. Living with all of this along with my out dated belief system, had led me to a dead end, not knowing which way to turn.

In a short space of 4 months, Erich has equipped me with tools that have empowered me to create new habits within my thinking. This has led me to make key lifestyle changes that have enriched my entire way of living. Erich has a natural gift to see things for exactly how they are, along with his diverse knowledge, Godly wisdom and life experiences. All of these combined has made my coaching experience, an extremely powerful one. Erich has a strong desire to see people live their lives beyond their wildest dreams and expectations and this inspired me.

I am truly blessed to have Erich as my Life Coach and would highly recommend his services to those who are looking to experience living a totally fulfilled life. Those who want to know how it feels to truly live."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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