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"I had already embarked on a conscious journey of self-development, having previously relied on years of experience and accidental development, when I decided that the next step for me should be coaching. Having lived in East London, I knew of Erich and after visiting his website decided to make contact with him.

Coaching can be done remotely, as we ended up doing during lockdown, but I was glad to have had the face to face interaction initially. Erich explained to me up front what coaching is, and what it isn’t. I was happy with what we discussed at our initial meeting, and we agreed to set up a few sessions. These were conducted in such a way that I always came away feeling that I had learnt something new. It often had to do with a new approached, or how I could change my perspective. We spoke about values, meaning, direction, purpose, and goals. I discovered what was important to me, besides the obvious things, and what I wanted to be doing with my time. Erich made this possible by asking crucial questions, I now ask myself in various situations. 2020 was a difficult year for most people to navigate, myself included, but I achieved a massive goal; a lifelong dream. The dream isn’t over yet, and I am now well equipped to see it through to the end.

I am grateful to Erich for helping me answer key questions and for giving me the tools to navigate decisions and choices in the future. Based on my experience, I recommend coaching to anyone who wants to live their best life. I certainly recommend The Coachman."
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