Suppliers & Logistics of Petroleum Products, South Africa.

"There I was, thinking that I had it all.... the girl (wife), wonderful healthy kids, the perfect business I've been a partner in for the past 22 years, passive income from rental properties, living in a mansion with glorious river views and driving enviable cars.

I was living a dream life - or so I thought until I reached rock bottom. I was certainly not expecting my perfect world to fall apart until my wife woke up one morning and said that she was no longer happy. She no longer loved me and wanted to part ways. From this moment onwards I was totally confused as I thought I had done it all right, and my life began to revolve around my emotions controlling me and I could feel myself spiralling out of control.

It was clear that I needed help to find direction. I had no interest in all that I possessed. The business that I was in charge of and that took care of us, was now in jeopardy because I was no longer giving it the attention that it deserved. Business failed to grow for many months whilst I tried to deal with my internal turmoil and pain.

Eventually I met a very special positive person, quite different in her beliefs and attitude toward life. A person that I now love very much. And herein lies the beauty of synchronicity. Debbie introduced me to Erich at a dinner party. I enquired what Erich does for a living and was intrigued as I had never before heard of such a service as life coaching. I made an appointment to meet and greet Erich, and happily, I have not looked back since.

My life started to change for the better as I learnt about balance and the focus necessary to deal with my personal issues. I have found my life purpose and have now claimed fulfilment and happiness back into my life. All who now spend time with me especially my children, can see the love and care that resonates from within. I was truly amazed that in the end, all the answers came from deep down inside myself, tapping into and using my awareness, I was able to find MY TRUTH, with Erich's coaching help.

I now live a full life, with happy children, an ex wife who is now my friend and Debbie, my best friend who I adore so much. I have an exciting future in my business, (by the way, Erich has also been very helpful here as he has business interests of his own and he was able to give me objective views on certain issues). If I laud anymore how rewarding it was to be coached by Erich and what an inspiring man and friend he is, I will have to send him an invoice if I say anymore. LOL!

Thank you Erich! My life purpose is to live consciously and courageously, to resonate with love and compassion, to awaken great spiritual awareness within others and leave this world, in peace and with a legacy to my loved ones."
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