Artist, South Africa.

"I was introduced to Erich by a friend. She had been going through tough times and although I knew nothing substantial had changed in her life, she had changed. She looks like a million bucks and she is happy.

I knew that I was at a place in my own life where I wanted more from life. I am incredibly blessed, but my dream has always been to be more involved with art.

I contacted Erich and by asking the right questions he pushed me into the right direction and made me realise that one cannot “tread water” in the middle of a dam – you have to make decisions, choose a bank, swim there and make it work. Erich has helped me through the process and made me realise the importance of me! No one else can make me happy – I have to follow my own dreams.

I have not yet reached the end destination and I will continue with my sessions with Erich as throughout this process I am becoming a stronger, happier person.

Everybody needs a life coach and I will definitely endorse Erich as he has helped me become who I am supposed to be!"
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

+27 86 625 1880
+27 82 323 3362
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