Operations Manager, South Africa.

"I was introduced to Erich Jordan, The Coachman by the CEO of the company I work for.

Words cannot express what a blessing this was, I was heading down a path of pure destruction in my career as I had no focus or structure, being a bit of a perfectionist I expected too much of myself and started feeling trapped, this we nicknamed my “Cocktail of Chaos.”

Erich spent time focusing on what I wanted to change about myself in order to cope in the ever changing world around us. His sessions made me realise that to be successful I needed a balance in life. I now know that to achieve this balance I must prioritise, plan, focus, trust and most of all stay calm. I am putting these into practice on a daily basis and am a much happier person.

Thank you Erich, I would certainly recommend The Coachman to anyone that feels there is no life at or beyond the office."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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