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"I was desperate and in need of help to make sense of it all. Erich's coaching gave me the opportunity to take a moment to breathe, as I felt helpless and was drowning fast. I was battling demons of my past (not even realising it!) and had very little hope for the future. This sad and imbalanced state of affairs prompted me to embark on the most amazing journey of self-discovery of my life.

I signed up for 8 weekly sessions, during which time Erich patiently listened and helped me first and foremost to confront my problems, which at times was tough, as we all tend to avoid the hurts of our past. Unless you deal with them however and give yourself permission to heal, it never happens and you stay stuck where you are. It was literally like slowly peeling off the layers of an onion - one by one to eventually reveal the real me – a women worthy of love, highly favoured and adored by GOD, my family and friends.

Simple structures in my life were missing, hence the crazy, hectic daily struggle to juggle all the balls in my life…. it is no wonder I dropped a few this year! Erich helped me start living my life on purpose and discover my core values and priorities. I learn to say NO and be happy with my decision, without the nagging feelings of failure or guilt! Now I am true to who I really am and not what the world perceives or wants me to be.

With Erich’s coaching I learnt techniques I apply daily in my life. I have learnt to be gentler and more forgiving towards myself, to be gracious in defeat and humble in victory. Through an intentional mind shift, I am learning to view myself as GOD does and not through my own critical eyes. I believe life coaching is a vital part of any investment in yourself, as no-one can live life in this hectic, frenzied, hard driven life of achieving and performing without taking care of the inner person and what’s truly important.

I now KNOW that my work no longer defines me, being a mother of three amazing children and the wife of a great God fearing man no longer defines me …. Erich has helped me realise that I have value in myself and how God sees me… is what truly defines me.

I am unique and a true masterpiece filled with amazing potential, ready to explore life and all what it has to offer me in the future.

The Coachman has helped me to 'Believe in Better for Me!"
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