Sales Manager, South Africa.

“I have known Erich a little over ten years now, however, not in a coaching environment but in another field. On my first meeting with him, I immediately had a great level of admiration and respect for this man. Through the years, that level of respect has grown and developed in such a way, that someone such as myself, who intensely avoided discussions about my ‘inner being’ and what was ‘making me tick…’ or not… was comfortable enough to know that this man, was, trustworthy, honest, loyal, dependable, direction focused and actually truly concerned about ‘where I was going’. He might have had his own reservations about your situation, but a more non-judgemental friend you will never find!

I approached Erich knowing that I was needing some serious guidance with regards to my work etc. Little did I know, it was ALL facets of my life that needed direction. I have ADHD with OCD and although I don’t mark this as an excuse, it is a reason for me to understand some of the trials I put myself through when in fact, my negative reaction to a particular situation was just that… my reaction, instead of a response.

Erich has a wonderful mannerimd, with intense kindness, for you to acknowledge your own misguided line of thought and bring you back to reality – for which most of us choose to avoid. Sitting with him makes you realise how off the track and unrealistic your line of thought has really been, placing everything into perspective.

I wholeheartedly recommend Erich not to anyone but EVERYONE who would like to rediscover life and their true identity. Living everyday on purpose and not restricting oneself by past experiences is for everyone!

Thank you Erich for your true heart and commitment in helping me rediscover ‘me’!"
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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