"When asked how I’d describe my experience with being coached, many thoughts crossed my mind. It isn’t always easy to explain to someone else how empowering this type of process can be, well, specifically just how empowering it was for me.

I started my journey, in a place in my life where I felt directionless. A young adult, straight out of Uni where lounging around was my go-to thing in-between the odd job application ‘sent’ email, decisions upon decisions on whether to study further and working half heartedly from time to time.

If someone could describe ‘dedication’ in one word, ha ha, that wouldn’t be me. But learning HOW to be dedicated and just how rewarding it feels by doing so, well, now we are talking. I had the lowest self-confidence, respect for myself and productivity. Life was passing me by and I was not finding it easier…

I knew there was a point where change had to happen, where my life had to surely get better and I would eventually feel some form of purpose. It was at that point that I knew, the time is now and the only person who can change my situation, was me.

With Erich’s constant reassurance, support and teaching, I saw possibility and things started happening, my ball definitely started rolling. The more it happened, the more I wanted it and I ended up achieving in just 5 months, going from having a Degree, to having now not only that but my TEFL certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, a certificate in Basic Educare Teachers Training, landed a job working for my mother at her Pre-school; which I actually have been teaching at, and I work afternoons as an Online English Teacher.

Things in my life seemed to be coming so much easier - my relationships with people started to change for the better, the image I created in my mind became ‘lighter’ and I started beginning to accept myself as capable; instead of incapable, worthy; instead of worthless, goal-orientated; instead of directionless, and fixed; instead of inconsistent.

All I can say to all those listening out there, if you think this isn’t for you or the stigma of ‘seeking’ guidance or help is something to be ashamed of, you are definitely looking in the wrong place. This type of experience is one that brings on progress from WITHIN - you alone are the deciding factor of whether you want to get from where you are, to where you want to be, and I couldn’t be more grateful for what Erich has done for me, in helping me achieve this. AND NO, I definitely did not become a multimillionaire in those five months, even though that would be FANTASTIC ;P, but I did however achieve a great gift through all of this, an experience that I will never forget."
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