"When my husband was facing some big decisions I sent him off to Erich based on friends’ recommendations – what a life changing few weeks that was for all of us! When our daughter needed some help with her future plans - off to Erich she went – and off she flew overseas. So when my crossroads came – I was unceremoniously packed off to Erich (obviously!)

I have 3 children aged from 25-19 and after what seemed like a lifetime of caring for them, they were suddenly all gone, no more school lunches to make, no school run, no homework, no noise, no constant grocery shopping or cooking etc. You get the picture? And so suddenly I had time to “Find My Purpose” – well, that didn’t go so well and led to me throwing away the self-help books (rather viciously actually!). Adding menopause into this mix didn’t help neither – just saying…

So I arrived for my first chat with Erich feeling confused, conflicted and a tad nervous. I was rather expecting a couch, a sympathetic ear and lots of guidelines, check-lists, answers and programmes – to my complete horror, apart from the sympathetic ear, the rest didn’t materialise! I had to actually dig deep and be brutally honest with myself, as I am such a people pleaser that was extremely difficult.

Over the weeks I sorted out what my core values are (not as easy as it sounds), worked on my life purpose that pertains to this stage of my life and started to take actual action to get me going in the right direction. The horrible feeling of just bobbing along aimlessly was gradually replaced with purpose for each day and a greater understanding of what makes ME tick and what I want to do. I’d like to say that my purpose in life can now be defined in one word like “Teacher” or “Nurse” – but it is not that simple for me and I get that now – the self-help books that pigeon-hole you are not for me.

Erich was extremely patient with me and allowed me to work things out for myself by asking the right questions and encouraging me to think outside the boxes I had created over time. The modules I worked through were certainly challenging and my “homework” took lots of introspection and discipline.

At the end of our course of sessions I went to Cape Town and found some “word art” that sums up what I now know to be true “You are entirely up to you!”

I would highly recommend Erich to anyone who feels they need help to reassess or realign their lives in any way – he has made such a positive impact on my family for which we are all grateful."
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