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"The first time I heard of Erich Jordan was on Link FM a few years ago and what he shared on radio resonated with me and piqued my interest. This led me to his website where I read the ever growing testimonials of his clients, most of which I could personally relate too. I downloaded the free e-book; read it a few times and from that point on I just knew I needed a life coach and that life coach had to be Erich, because he ticked all the right boxes with experience as a well-rounded family man, successful businessman and having pastored a church.

My life at the time felt like it was floating aimlessly in a vast sea. There was much progress I had made, having overcome a crippling cocaine habit by God’s grace 10 years ago, but I still felt unfulfilled, like my life was not going anywhere and like something significant was missing from my life. Life had become progressively difficult not having a clear and concise sense of direction. I was striving to become, instead of just being. This grew over time and became very obvious to my wife. She recalled earlier in our marriage how excitedly I’d share about enlisting the services of Erich and how I believed I would benefit greatly from it, but I never got around to doing it (one of the struggles Erich helped me overcome). On my birthday my wife surprised with 5 sessions with Erich. It was the most thoughtful gift I ever received.

It has taken Erich and I 9 sessions (six months) to achieve a significant and undeniable paradigm shift in my perspective and approach to life. I must confess that the early sessions were tough and very tense for me, because it forced me to take a real hard and honest look at areas of my life that I’d been avoiding and just simply felt like I had no control over. But every session, as tough as some of those sessions were, chiseled away at the buildup of muck (unrealistic expectations, faulty thought patterns, incongruent values, negative perceptions, etc) over all these years.

The greatest highlight was sitting in our 9th session going back to my initial expectations and objectives I set out to achieve at the beginning and it gave me great joy, a renewed release of energy and creativity realizing that I had achieve over 70% of what I set out to achieve. The balance would be achieved through continually employing these new set of tools and skills I have acquired through my sessions with Erich. I have achieved so much in a short space of time in my marriage, relationships and business. I highly recommend the life coaching services of Erich to anyone who is ready for significant and powerful change from the inside out and is willing to make work of discovering the best version of yourself. I did!!!"
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