Accountant, South Africa.

"I’ve known Erich for many years but think it was my curiosity about the fairly new concept of 'Life Coaching' that led me to accept his invitation on facebook to have “Coffee with The Coachman”.

We agreed to meet and during our subsequest four one hour sessions, Erich focused 100% on what I said and as much on what I didn’t say and directed his questions to help me unpack some things.

After each session of much talking (as only I can do) I had to come up with a ‘take home’; and during the week I had to do some discovery exercises and read some suggested articles on The Coachman website.

The entire process was professional and the focused attention helped to change my intentions and goals into action plans with immediate results.

I’ve put some concrete time management and financial plans in place and no longer fear making mistakes, judge myself according to other people’s standards or hold myself back because I think I can’t do something.

I’ve unpacked some unwanted baggage and I’m taking mdall steps as I feel calm, confident, courageous & comfortable to be the person God created me to be!

I can highly recommend time with “The Coachman” as there is no better investment than investing in yourself – you will benefit immediately, as will everyone around you!"
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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