This person has elected to stay unnamed.

"I was faced with extremely tough circumstances with no potential change or end in sight. Consequently I dragged myself through each day fighting these circumstances and fighting for some breathing space. I believed that there is so much more in life for each person, but this time, not for me. What I was faced with became insurmountable. I have faced many challenges in life and welcomed them because it is through challenges that we grow, that we get to know our true selves. Yet, this time I could not move, I could not shift my perspective. And I was exhausted.

It was a privilege to be coached by Erich. His wise and practical approach to coaching helped me bring clarity to what I have but more importantly helped me to find energy, strength and courage again. I could lift my gaze and see the beauty of life again. My circumstances haven’t changed, but I have."
Working from:
East London
in the Eastern Cape
of South Africa.

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