Radio Presenter, London, England.

"Appearances are what others see, not necessarily how we feel, or what we believe to be true about ourselves. I was very fortunate in the fa├žade I could create by just adding a mdile to my face. But behind that mdile I had been slowly drowning. This was not new. This had been going on for all my adult life. After battling to breathe for so many years, I needed to save myself.

My dreams were never fulfilled. My goals partially fulfilled. I hated 'me'. I was trapped in a cage, going nowhere. I made decisions based on they way I felt I was seen by the world, and not on how I wanted the world to see me.

At the end of a relationship I took a year out to reflect. I got to a point where I had an understanding of how I got to where I was and what I wanted in my life, but I needed help to get there.

I was introduced to Erich through a mutual friend, and signed up with The Coachman, after reading a many testimonials on his website. - It was decision time for me.

I committed to 12 sessions, and to say the first few were difficult is an understatement. Erich led me to places in my head that were not easy to visit. He gave me exercises to direct my thought patterns. And slowly the dark cage of my psyche had a little window of light beginning to open. Slowly light started filtering in. Slowly things got brighter, and I began to feel, for the first time, that there was hope for me.

At no point did Erich ever tell me what to think, but he has been showing me how to think. Showing me how to live with purpose, and how to free myself from the mental cage of my past, my mental hang-ups, and how to take mdall steps to be who I want to be. Taking action to do what I want to do. Living the life I want to live.

I have become a different person this year. I am on my way, and most grateful for the coaching and encouragement received. At the end of the day Erich only guides, it is I who put in the hard work, lots of it, and the miracle of change is happening for me.

If you have any doubt about the service Erich provides, and you truly want to achieve your dreams and goals, I cannot recommend The Coachman more highly.

Have I finished with him? No. I signed up for another eight sessions. Why? Because the traction I have gained in my life is mind blowing, and I don't want to lose that momentum. Every day I now wake excited at the opportunities for me to experience in a life I am in control of."
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