Operations Director, Alderson Ambulance Services.

"I have known Erich for over thirty years during which time my life has taken a number of twists and turns. I have enjoyed great success and made my share of mistakes.

Recently I recognised I had reached a “Crossroad” in my life and knew I couldn’t afford to make another mistake. I had engaged Erich over coffee on two previous occasions during his “Coffee with The Coachman” campaign and realised very quickly that he was both extremely talented and insightful as a life skills coach. I decided to contact him and secured eight coaching sessions to help me set my life and future on the right course. Since then I have completed seven of my sessions and decided to journal some of my coaching experiences. I hope that in sharing these, others will be encouraged not to allow life just to happen to them but instead to take control of their lives and to “steer their ship through each storm and to navigate the choices we all need to make”.

Erich asked me to list my goals and objectives in writing and I listed four major goals. In brief, my first was to restore my relationship with God, my second to be the best husband I could to Tanya, my third to make wise and mature choices and my fourth to manage my business effectively by creating a culture of passion, happiness, respect and integrity!

From the first session Erich asked for (demanded) my honesty, accountability and time to articulate who I am, my character, personality and the choices I have made. He listened intently and perceptively and guided me with wisdom to help me understand what makes me who I am. I soon began to understand that my spirit, mind, emotions and physical characteristics are interwoven into one unique human being!

Each session began with a written session preparation document which required that I list my intention for the next session as well as what I had achieved since our last session and whom I had shared and celebrated each success with. Initially, preparing for these sessions was purely administrative, but I soon I found myself writing pages of journals following each weeks experiences, successes and failures. On one occasion I really didn’t want to go through with a session as I felt I had let myself down but I decided I needed to be accountable and “face the music”. Erich never judged me, but encouraged me to achieve my goals and continued to guide me with wisdom. My prejudices, failures, successes, life choices and thinking were all challenged constantly with the ultimate goal of becoming who God created me to be and understanding how much God loves me and wants to fellowship with me. It’s an awe inspiring thought that God does not hold my failures against me but desires my company, my thoughts, my life and enables me to be a living epistle of his love to everyone I come into contact with. I know I’m nowhere near the “finished product” but I’m so grateful to be aware of God’s presence and Spirit in my life every day and to know that he is the “Captain of my ship” and that he leads and guides me.

I look forward to my last session with Erich and I know that my life has changed for the good and I will make better choices in the future. I know our business is in God’s hands and I know that as we give our very best at work and I give my very best at home, that I don’t need to worry about my life, finances, relationships and future.

Lastly I would encourage you, not just to let life take you along in its stream, but to take hold of life, find your purpose, make a difference, determine your future and live life to the full. I am eternally grateful to Erich for guiding and coaching me through what has been a life changing process. Thanks for walking the road with me, for holding me accountable and above all for being a friend."
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