Richard Stratford


Assistant Branch Manager.


“Having recently started a new position at work, my boss offered me the opportunity to meet with The Coachman, as he’d had a number of sessions with Erich and felt it would benefit me and the team to do the same. Boy, am I grateful and glad for the opportunity I was given.

The time spent with The Coachman was both challenging and enlightening and left me a stronger and more resilient person. Erich encouraged me to continually challenge myself and to find my own answers to my issues in life.

I learnt a great deal from Erich, but if I had to single out one main point, it would be the ability to remain calm when faced with challenges, to reevaluate and revalue the challenge and focus on the best approach.

I can highly recommend The Coachman, and assure you that you will not regret this investment in your life.

Thank You Erich for helping me look at life with “new eyes” and for giving me renewed passion to face the challenges it throws at me.”



Professional Certified Coach
Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
Graduate Of International Coach Academy
International Coach Academy Coach Training Ambassador
PO Box 8136
East London
5210, South Africa
+27 86 625 1880 (FAX)
+27 82 323 3362 (MOBILE)
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