Jucintha McVitty Brown



"I started working with Erich at I time when I felt I was at a crossroads in my life. I was extremely dissatisfied with the place I was in, both professionally and personally, and tried coaching in order to acquire a set of tools I could use to move in a different direction. I expected that Erich would have those tools.

The thing I realised very early on in my coaching journey is that there is no roadmap to success. I had the belief that to become successful, I had to be continuously moving forward. Through working with Erich, I very quickly realised that I need to slow down and work in the present, rather than trying continually to create a different future – and becoming frustrated when it didn’t materialise.

I have learned to be more present and to appreciate the good in my life. My communication has improved, leading to an improvement in my relationships. I now live life with a lot more intention, rather than allowing life to happen to me. The biggest lesson of my coaching journey is that if I can find contentment within, I can have a positive effect on my environment and achieve the satisfaction I was looking for.

I am extremely grateful for the time I have spent learning from Erich and I am sure will continue to realise the fruits of the foundations I have laid in these few months for the rest of my life."



Professional Certified Coach
Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
Graduate Of International Coach Academy
International Coach Academy Coach Training Ambassador
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