John Eliastam


Facilitator and Consultant, South Africa.


"Erich's coaching has had a profoundly transformational impact on my life. A time of personal crisis and questioning was the catalyst for seeing him, and while I would probably have somehow found my way through the crisis, it would never have been with the focus, clarity of purpose, and sense of contentment that were the product of our sessions together. Erich asked me incredibly helpful questions - even the difficult ones that seemed to have no easy answer. He challenged my assumptions where they needed to be challenged. Most of all, he helped me to get clarity on what was most important to me, and then develop a plan that brought congruence to my values, goals and actions.

Erich's combination of warmth, wisdom, and insight helped me move beyond self-imposed boundaries and doubts to a place where I feel alive and fulfilled for the first time in years. I unreservedly recommend Erich as a coach. It is an investment in oneself and one's relationships where the returns are really immeasurable."



Professional Certified Coach
Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
Graduate Of International Coach Academy
International Coach Academy Coach Training Ambassador
PO Box 8136
East London
5210, South Africa
+27 86 625 1880 (FAX)
+27 82 323 3362 (MOBILE)
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