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As my strengths and experience were honed over the years as a pastor, director, father and husband I tend to represent the greatest value proposition to those looking for support in the areas of spiritual integration, business development and management, career change and family life. As a professional certified and ICF accredited coach, I'm passionate about helping clients fold what they believe into everything they do.

The Coachman Services Include:

One on One Coaching:

This is done either "Face to Face" (in person) or "Voice to Voice" (via Skype). I'm happy to conduct personal business coaching at business premises, but prefer private coaching to take place at my premises.

Group Coaching:

This is conducted with a group of colleagues or friends all working together towards the same goals, be they to lose weight, compete in an event or overcome a phobia.

Pricing Structure:

As much as this is a business and must be profitable, it is my wish that people from all walks of life experience the power of coaching. To this end I am always happy to entertain various payment options, tariffs and barters. My normal practice is to charge a standard hourly rate of R750.00 for South Africans and $80.00 US for international clients.

As single sessions are less productive than a coaching period spanning a few months, we offer the following discount incentives if "One on One Coaching" sessions are booked and paid for in advance.
The standard hourly rate for single sessions is discounted by 5% if eight (8) sessions are paid for in advance.
The standard hourly rate for single sessions is discounted by 10% if twelve (12) sessions are paid for in advance.

Group Coaching sessions enjoy the same discounts in addition to a 25% reduction per person on the standard hourly rate for a single session. This is however only valid for groups of three or more.

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Professional Certified Coach
Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
Graduate Of International Coach Academy
International Coach Academy Coach Training Ambassador
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