Anneme Bezuidenhout


Territory Manager at Suez Australia.


"I've known Erich since 2005 and have been exposed to his coaching and motivation ever since then. I've always believed he needed a bigger audience because he has a way of connecting with our scared, inner being that society suppresses.

I didn't know that within me was a warrior, that she even existed and had no idea how to connect with her. I didn't know the power that lay buried beneath the surface. Erich brought out that warrior in me. I now know I am someone, that I'am worthy and so much more than this world could ever imagine.

I am me - I am a fighter - I am a survivor.

Thank you for seeing the best in me, Erich and for helping this emerge.

Coaching is about finding true self worth and establishing what fears are real and what are not. I was scared of failing, of not being good enough, but Erich helped me realize that such fears were not real and that I could be anything or anyone I want to be. He listens, .... really listens, then helps you find your path, a path you may never have thought possible.

Some time after moving to Australia, I lost everything, my visa, my pride, my sense of being. But his word and daily Facebook posts encouraged me to take charge of my own destiny. I stayed in control when all seems to be falling apart around me.

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards Erich, for showing me the way I was meant to live.

If you're reading this and want to reach this place in your life, hook up with this incredible human being and let him help you become the best version of yourself as well."



Professional Certified Coach
Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
Graduate Of International Coach Academy
International Coach Academy Coach Training Ambassador
PO Box 8136
East London
5210, South Africa
+27 86 625 1880 (FAX)
+27 82 323 3362 (MOBILE)
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