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Below you'll also find some helpful stories from people who have benefitted from coaching.

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Do you have different rules for different parts of your life? Is what you believe reflected in how you do business? Does the practice of your life run contrary to your values? Are there past experiences that hinder you achieving your goals? If you’re unhappy with your answer to any of these questions, I'd like to help you. See how others have already benefited from 'Coaching'.

My name is Erich and I support clients achieve their goals through integrating their values, beliefs and vision into the practice of their lives. The key to living an abundant, meaningful and productive life is breaking down the walls that keep us emotionally, mentally and spiritually disintegrated. Living with such dualism saps energy and erodes our peace of mind thereby limiting our potential to live truly productively.

Success is assured when we bring everything we are to bear upon all that we do!
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of South Africa.

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